Janome Machine Stitch Width Groups

Which foot is right for my Janome machine?

Group A – 5mm Stitch Width

Current models – JR1012, RE1306, Jem Platinum 760 (JP760), RE1706, DC1030, DC2030, FD216, FD206, Sewist 725S, Sewist 721, Sewist 709

Older models – Jem Gold, Jem Gold 2, Jem Platinum 720 (JP720), Sewist 509, Sewist 521, Sewist 625E, 1008, 415, 419S, Juno SS107, MS2008, S-307, S-313, S-323S, JA1512, JB1412, JC1818, JF1004, JF1012, JF1018S, JS1004, US2004, US2014, US2022, and more.

Group B – 7mm Stitch Width Low Shank

Current models – DC2150, DC3200, DC6030, DC6050, DM7200, MS5027, MS3018 (18W), 740DC, 780DC, 4300QDC, 5300QDC

Older models – 2160DC, 3160QDC, 4120QDC, 6260QC, CS995, DC2050, DC2101, DC2200, DC3018, DC3050, DC3100, DC4030, DC6100, DC7100, DC7060, 4618, 4618QC, 5018, 5024, 5027, 5124, 6019QC, 6125QC, 652, 653, 654, 655, 655R, 659, MC3000, MC3500, MC4000, MC4800, MC4800QC, MC4900QC, MC5200, MC5500, MC5900QC, MC6000, MC6500P, ME4014, ME4015, ME4018, ME4123, Memory 7, MS2016, MS2024, MS2028, MS2520, MS2522, MX3123, SD2014, SR2000, SS2015, SW2018, and more.

Group C – 7mm Stitch Width High Shank

Current models – Skyline S3, MC6600P

Older models – MC6500, MC7700QCP, MC8000, MC9000, MC9500, MC9700, MC10000, MC10001, MC11000, MC11000SE and more

Group D – 9mm Stitch Width

Current models – MC6650, MC6700P, MC8200QCP, MC9450, MC9850, MC15000, Skyline S5, Skyline S6, Skyline S7, Skyline S9, Continental M7 Professional.

Older models – MC8900QCP, MC9900, MC12000, MC14000

Group E – 1600P and HD-9

1600P, 1600P-QC, 1600P-DB, 1600P-QCX, HD-9 Professional

If you are not sure about your machine’s stitch width category, give us a ring or text on 0452 283 499.