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All Janome Machines Have Metal Frames

Janome JR1012 Showing Metal Frame

Janome JR1012 Showing Metal Frame

This is a Janome JR1012 in a clear case which is designed to show the aluminium die-cast frame that can be found in even the most inexpensive Janome.

The outer shell is just that – a shell – and not part of the structure of the machine. The die-cast aluminium frame in a Janome provides the strength and rigidity necessary for the precise action of the sewing machine needle.

Unfortunately there are brands of sewing machine on the market in Australia right now that have no internal frame.

In these other brands, the components are merely attached to the outer plastic shell of the machine. This means that there is no rigid support for the high speed movement which is inherent in a sewing machine.

So don’t take a chance when you are buying a new machine.

PS The companies that makes these cheap machines with no frame know how to make good machines – it’s just that they are under pressure to provide certain mass market retailers with cheaper and cheaper machines. And many of these retailers simply don’t care what they sell, because they don’t see it as their job to provide the customer with any advice or help whatsoever.