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The Janome AcuFeed Dual Feed Holder Twin is used in the AcuFeed Flex feeding system to feed fabric evenly from both the top and bottom. This allows you to sew through many layers of fabric very easily without slipping, or warping the layers.

The system includes two types of foot holders: this Twin attachment, which has two upper feed dogs and uses wider feet, and the Single attachment, which has one upper feed dog and uses narrower feet for work like installing zips.

This Twin AcuFeed foot holder, along with the Janome Acufeed Dual Feed Foot AD, are standard accessories (included with the machine) with these models: MC6700P, MC8200QCP, MC8900QCP, MC9400, MC9450, MC12000, MC14000, MC15000, Skyline S6, Skyline S7, Skyline S9, Continental M7, Continental M17.

The beauty of the AcuFeed system is the versatility of the feet. They slide in and out of the holder easily.

Optional AcuFeed Feet that can also be used with the AcuFeed Dual Feed Holder Twin

How To Install An AcuFeed Foot (Twin or Single)

To use an AcuFeed foot, you first install it on the foot holder, then attach the foot holder to the machine:

  1. Place the pins of the foot in the grooves of the ankle, and then push them together. (To change the foot, pull the foot out of the grooves, and put the new foot in place.)
  2. To attach the AcuFeed holder to your machine, first loosen the screw on the side of the shaft and remove the current foot holder.
  3. Hold the AcuFeed holder in place and tighten the screw.

Note: Our Janome feet are genuine Janome accessories which come through the rigorous supply chain of Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd founded in Japan in 1921.

Part no. 859 817 004

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