Monogram Wizard Plus

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Monogram Wizard Plus is powerful, complete embroidery monogramming software – and it is so easy to use!

If you’re serious about creating the most beautiful, creative monograms possible, you need Monogram Wizard Plus.

As the much anticipated follow-up to Monogram Wizard, Monogram Wizard Plus greatly increases the power of Monogram Wizard, while at the same time maintaining the ease-of-use that made Monogram Wizard the most popular selling monogramming software available.

New Advancements in the Monogram Wizard Plus:
1. 5 new fonts and several new motifs have been added.
2. You can now save your own custom monogram or design styles for easy access or future editing.
3. Letter movement for monograms: In the 3 letter monogram mode, each letter can now be moved individually.
4. Additional formats to save in: you can now save in the PES and SEW files in addition to DST.
5. Printing: An onscreen print button has been added for easy proofs.
6. Stitch Selection: The Monogram Wizard Plus allows the user to choose whether the design will sew in satin or fill stitches.
7. Layers: Designs in the Monogram Wizard Plus can be built upon layers, allowing for the use of multiple motifs, fonts, and monogramming/lettering styles in a single design.

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