Why Choose Us?

There are a number of Janome dealers in Perth, all of whom are independently owned Janome stockists like us, so why would you choose us?

Here are 9 reasons:

  1. Our specialist Janome knowledge – we are experienced sewing machine specialists  – we know sewing machines, we know how to fix them and we can explain the full benefits and features of every Janome machine to make sure you get the best buy.
  2. Our complete Janome range – at our Joondalup and Balcatta stores, we have the entire Janome range on display and ready to demonstrate. We can afford to do this because we are Janome specialists. So much so that some people think we are “Janome” but we are not, we are an independent Janome stockist.
  3. We provide free lessons with every machine, to get you sewing on your new Janome with confidence – more about our free lessons.
  4. Free ongoing help if you ever get stuck.
  5. An ongoing program of classes at both Joondalup and Balcatta to encourage you to enjoy your Janome and to get the most out of it.
  6. Our experience – we’ve been selling Janome in Perth for over 20 years, and today we are Perth’s largest sewing machine dealership.
  7. Lay-by – don’t forget the lay-by option, with a flexible lay-by term and payment plan that suits you.
  8. Our Perth stock – Janome is Australia’s number 1 selling brand and we carry Perth stock of the entire Janome range.
  9. Our on-site technician at Balcatta to give you the reassurance about the inside of your machine – the important working bits.

When not to Choose us

There are over 200 Janome dealers in Australia and you are almost always better off buying your Janome machine locally. This means you have someone to help you get going on your new Janome, and to help you if you have any problems.

Can’t Decide Whether to Choose Us?

Our Balcatta store is very central and our demonstration benches have Perth’s widest selection of Janome machines on display.

From time to time we are visited by buyers who have been sent by other Perth Janome dealers because they don’t have the full Janome range on display.

This could be because sewing machines are not their main focus – they may be a patchwork fabric specialist – or it could be because they stock more than one brand of sewing machine and don’t have space for the full range of any brand.

Either way, the message is something like this: “Go and check out the machine you are interested in at Janome Balcatta and then come back to us and we will cut something off the price and order one in for you” – not the sort of thing one would teach one’s children to do, but it happens.

We also get visits from buyers who are considering buying online but they are not sure which model to buy and they want to come in and have a play on one or more of our machines.

This can get awkward when we ask a few questions, which we do, and the only honest solution is to discuss things with us openly.

You can show us the online alternatives and we can talk about the price if that is a sticking point. We can also discuss the practical difficulties of buying a machine from the other side of Australia, difficulties which online sellers go to great lengths to downplay.

One of the major difficulties is that warranty work is done at the dealer level. That’s the arrangement that all Janome dealers have with Janome Australia in Melbourne. This obviously means that the closer you are to your Janome dealer, the better for you.