Janome Overlock Overedge Foot


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The Janome Overlock Overedge Foot is used with an overcasting stitch to allow thread to wrap around the edge of the fabric to prevent the fabric fraying.

The foot guides the fabric and keeps the edges flat when the needle makes the right-most stitch. The bars allow the stitch to form without pulling the edge of the fabric inwards.

If you don’t use this foot with the overcast stitch you will find that the edges are pulled in and are puckered and messy.

The Janome Overlock Overedge Foot is particularly good for finishing off medium to heavyweight, easily frayed woven fabrics such as tweed, gabardine and linen.

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Note: Our Janome feet are genuine Janome accessories which come through the rigorous supply chain of Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd founded in Japan in 1921.

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