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The Janome Adjustable Zipper Foot can be set to sew on each side of the zipper by adjusting the position of the foot and tightening the thumb screw. Also great for sewing close to piping.

This is a screw-on foot and the shank is included as part of the foot unit. To attach it to a machine, you need to unscrew and remove your machine foot holder, then attach this adjustable zipper foot and tighten the foot holder screw. There is a slide adjustment on this foot with a stopper screw, it allows the user to select left needle position, centre needle position or right needle position.

You can also use Janome Adjustable Zipper Foot for piping projects, where the piping cord is larger than usual.

More at Janome America, including videos (opens in new tab).

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Note that this foot is not available for Group A machines – 5mm Stitch Width – or Group D machines – 9mm Stitch Width. It is only available for Group B and C machines.

If you are not sure about your machine’s stitch width category, give us a ring or text on 0452 283 499.

Note: Our Janome feet are genuine Janome accessories. Beware of bogus generic products that claim that because it fits a Janome, it is a Janome part. Only genuine Janome accessories come through the rigorous supply chain of Janome Sewing Machine Co., Ltd founded in Japan in 1921.

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B – 7mm low shank, C – 7mm high shank